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If you're looking for more than just a job...

You can make your mark on the world in a lot of ways, but it’s rare for people to have an opportunity to make a profound impact on the life of another.
Heartlight is that opportunity.

Heartlight is a residential counseling center for struggling teens where an atmosphere of relationships creates an arena for change.

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What our staff is saying about this once in a lifetime opportunity

  • “Through my time spent at Heartlight Ministries I grew more than I ever thought possible. There were times where I wanted to give up but I knew I was called to Heartlight for a reason even if I couldn’t see it at the moment. It’s a challenging job but I wouldn’t change my experience there for anything.”

    Kaysie Fields | Residential Staff

  • “Once I came here and found the community that is Heartlight – It’s like no other you’ll ever see. Between the staff, between the kids…Heartlight is a place for you to mend broken relationships and build new ones that will last forever.”

    Ryan Blalock | Residential Director

  • “I could have never imagined how encouraging and life-changing it would be to see the transformation in myself and in the girls I have worked with for the past year. It’s a process but I have realized the most challenging moments have also been the most rewarding. I know the relationships I have built here will last much longer than my time at Heartlight.”

    Leisha Solesbee | Residential Staff

  • “My time at Heartlight can’t be described as anything other than a God-given experience. I learned so much about myself and who I am in Christ, as well as what it means to have the utmost dependence on Him. I walked away with the most cherished and everlasting relationships I could ever imagine.”

    Natalie McAllister | Residential Staff

  • “Being at Heartlight has been fun, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. It’s amazing to see the growth that the teenagers experience throughout their stay. I love being able to help them through their struggles and especially keeping in touch with them after they leave. It’s been great to be able to touch someone’s heart and have my own heart touched in the process.”

    Eric Brewer | Residential Staff

Join Our Residential Staff

Heartlight isn’t for everyone. We are looking for active and energetic staff that are an example to the kids they live with and a model to other staff.

You also need to be engaging, mature, focused, and tough enough to love kids unconditionally who are struggling, hold them accountable when they are wrong, and of course follow the rules of operation that make Heartlight successful.

We’re looking for adults that can model a godly lifestyle both on and off ‘the clock’, maintain strong relationships, effectively approach and process conflict, and have healthy coping skills for working through issues.

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  • The Benefits

    The job entails working 50 hours a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. It is a paid position with a monthly salary, and we pick up all room and board. Increases to salary are based on performance and increase in responsibilities. In addition you’ll be offered a great paid health insurance plan and if you decide to stay beyond one year, you’ll qualify to be a part of our 401(k) retirement program where we’ll match up to 4% of what you decide to invest. It’s not the highest paid position out there, but it’s one with the greatest reward.

  • The Schedule

    Work schedules are usually a 5-days-on / 2-days-off rotation. Heartlight’s community is a great group of caring people brought together to fulfill a common mission. This results in deep friendships among those who work here and as a result many times the staff use their nights off to get together, make road trips, and spend the night in the homes of other staff who live off-campus.

  • The Training

    Worried you won’t have answers for every situation? Don’t. We’ll train you in both the basics and the fine points. This means everything from CPR, First Aid, Water Safety Management, and Restraint Management to the specifics for running each house in the ways that are imperative to the success of every resident’s program.

  • The Setting

    Almost all of our residential homes are log cabin structures where staff live in one room, and kids live in the other rooms. Heartlight is located on 150 acres in the pristine piney woods of East Texas, just four miles from Longview, TX (a two hour drive east of Dallas). When not served at program events, meals are prepared by the staff at each of the residential homes – If you don’t know how to cook, you will soon!

  • The Job

    Staff are expected to supervise the residents, participate in program events, manage the pharmaceutical and medical needs of the residents, be a positive influence on all around, and maintain a clean living environment for other staff and residents in the home. As a residential staff you will also help with program activities, write weekly reports, run errands, and oversee the discipline of the kids in the house. We’ll help you with all of this and have designated House Directors in each house as well as Residential Directors that assist all in the successful operation of each house.

Why should you join Heartlight?

Heartlight is as much for the staff as it is for the kids. Hear from the other residential staff members on how their lives have been affected.


If you have any questions, call (903) 668-2173 or email jobs@heartlightministries.org